Monica Ahanonu is a freelance illustrator and motion designer working and living in Los Angeles. Many consider her an expert in color theory, vector illustration, and motion design.

After graduating from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts in 2013, Monica started her career at DreamWorks Animation.   Monica decided to take a leap and become a full-time freelance artist in April 2017, after a few years at DreamWorks Animation.  In her short time working as a freelancer, she has been very fortunate to have consistent opportunities come her way in fashion, beauty, digital, and music on a global scale with her art reaching fans at Art Basel and across Europe.

Most recently Monica has been featured on, and describes Monica’s style as “a little Bauhaus, a little Warhol, vector illustrations packed with personality, nostalgia, and pride. Work that honors black creatives, be they fashion designers, music legends, or cultural icons. Expressive portraits that bring an extra dimension to each subject.”